Imported and domestic fruits and vegetables

“Dubovo-agro” ltd. is aiming to expand its network of partners in the wholesale of imported and domestic fruits and vegetables. We offer an exclusive partnership within the region (city). There is always a wide range of fruits and vegetables that varies according to the season.


“Dubovo-agro” has developed its own technology of construction and equipment of greenhouses engaging only local experts. This technology provides excellent results within our climate zone and is totally adapted to our soils. Now we are ready to share our experience in the following areas:
1. We propose building a greenhouse “turnkey”.
We provide the best value for money, invested in the greenhouse complex.
2. We provide the advisory support until the first harvest.
Help to choose seeds, fertilizers, optimal conditions and time for planting. Provide an advisory support of plants caring and harvest. This will allow you to get the first practical experience of the greenhouse agriculture and start own successful business.
3. We offer the sale of the products that you can grow under our order in your greenhouses using our advisory support.